Vibro Industries News

Vibro Industries News

Press Release #6588 — Vibro Industries celebrates 25 years as the oldest manufacturer of 100% air-operated transporters in the USA

Press Release #6582 — Reengineered Model 850B Air-Operated Transporter (the “SLUGGER”) now provides 100% Oil-less operation

Press Release #6531 — Model 850 Air-Operated Transporter (the “BRUTE”) is now lighter and moves heavy loads with less air consumption

Press Release #6515 — Air-Operated Transporters provide innovative, time-saving solution to problems commonly associated with conventional conveying systems.

Press Release #6516 — The Model 450 Air-Operated Transporter designed to move a wide range of materials quietly and efficiently.

Press Release #6517 — Tate Access Floors eliminates conventional conveying system downtime with the installation of the Model 320 Air-Operated Transporter.

Press Release #6537 — Vibro Industries announces the introduction of its re-designed Transporter Motion Sensor controller.

Press Release #6547 — Air-Operated Transporter provides reliable scrap removal solution for abrasive environments.