About Vibro Industries

The Vibro Air-Operated Transporter is the only transporter that is 100% air operated and 100% American made. A Vibro Air-Operated Transporter can transport objects along an assembly line or remove scrap from beneath machine tools, even in close quarters where conventional conveyors cannot be installed.

The Vibro Air-Operated Transporter is the right choice for linear scrap removal from punch presses, lathes and other automatic multi-functional machine tools. The Vibro Air-Operated Transporter eliminates scrap removal downtime usually associated with conveying systems. And, because it is adaptable for multi-tray installation, the Vibro Air-Operated Transporter can replace more than one conventional belt conveyor. Its simple and robust design, available in a range of materials, make the Vibro Air-Operated Transporter a reliable, efficient and cost effective choice.

Key Features Include:

•  Two Year Warranty
•  No Mechanical Springs
•  Low Air Consumption
•  Variable Speed (12-40 ft./min.)
•  Available from Stock
•  100% American Made

Optional Features Include:

•  A Cover Guard for harsh environments
•  Quick Clamps for fast tray removal
•  Adjustable Bearing Support for trays
•  A Motion Sensor that automatically shuts down machinery if air supply is ever interrupted

Please review the materials presented here and feel free to contact us regarding your conveying needs.