Vibro Industries, Inc. manufactures a premium line of Conveyor systems. The Vibro Air-Operated Conveyor is the only conveying system that is 100% air operated and 100% American made. Vibro Air-Operated Conveyors can transport objects along an assembly line or remove scrap from beneath machine tools, even in close quarters where ordinary conveyors cannot operate.

The Vibro Air-Operated Conveyor is the right choice for linear scrap removal from punch presses, lathes and other automatic multi-functional machine tools.

The Vibro Air-Operated Conveyor eliminates scrap removal downtime usually associated with conventional conveying systems. And, because it is adaptable for multi-tray installation, the Vibro Air-Operated Conveyor can replace more than one standard belt conveyor. Its simple and robust design, available in a range of materials, make the Vibro Air-Operated Conveyor a reliable, efficient and cost effective choice.

Key Features Include:

•  Two Year Warranty
•  No Mechanical Springs
•  Low Air Consumption
•  Variable Speed (12-40 ft./min.)
•  Available from Stock
•  100% American Made

Optional Features Include:

•  A Cover Guard for harsh environments
•  Quick Clamps for fast tray removal
•  Adjustable Bearing Support for trays
•  A Motion Sensor that automatically shuts down machinery if air supply is ever interrupted

Please review the materials presented here and feel free to contact us regarding your scrap removal solutions needs.